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Computer Engineering is a discipline which produce and disseminates theory, principle, practice and the know-how of computing in the information age. It has give rise to the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvment of computing systems in the context of computers and humankind, embracing all facets af society, industry and services. Computer engineers design methods and algorithms to process knowledge in the form of raw data or information, and develop applications to provide effective and efficient software and hardware solutions to the problems created by the ever changing needs and demands of our society. Therefore, computer engineers must have tha ability to think analytically, be creative and be good social communications. They should also be aware of the impact they have on society by way of the products that thya develop.

METU NCC Computer Engineering Program

The METU NCC CNG Undergraduate Program provides professional training in Computer Engineering.  The program, aimed at meeting the demand for B.S level computer engineers in industry, business and in higher education, covers a wide range of areas in the field of computer engineering, including programming languages, computer architecture, data structures, algorithms, theory of computation, databases, software engineering, embedded systems, graphics, operating systems, and networks. It also address other core and supporting areas, such imagine processsing, e-business, intelligent systems, distributed and parallel systems, knowledge engineering, etc.

The preparation of students to be successful in Computer Engineering practice is the primary objective of the program. Graduates will be able to pursue advanced studies in Computer Engşneering  and Computer Science on a competitive universial basis.

The focus of the first two years of the undergraduate program is on foundational courses, which provide a solid basis for some concurrent courses and most of the courses taken in the last two years which are related to the computer engineering field in general, as well as applied and advenced topics. Undergraduate students spend a total of 8 (eight) weeks in industrial practice during the summers. As an integral part of undergraduate study, students are given numerous assignments, many of which require team work and collaboration, essantial qualities for success in today’s world. Assignments of this nature foster a collaborative atmosphere in and outside of class, not only between students, but also involving close interaction with the teachers and assistants.

The general aims of the METU NCC CNG Undergraduate Program are to provide:

  • A significant depth and breadth of coverage of the core concepts in computing,with options for in-depth studies related to computer engineering and science disciplines
  • A basic engineering and science curriculum (mathematics, physics, and engineering)
  • Opportunities for students to become aware of computing profession in the context of science, society and technology.
  • Opportunities for students to develop design capabilities and decision-making abilities.
  • A basic engineering and science curriculum as a basis for further engineering education and practice.

Career Opportunities

Information technologies play a vital role in everyday life and in many sectors including communication, education, banking, healthy, defense, and the production industry. Therefore, graduates from METU NCC CNG Undergraduate Program will have very good career prospects both at home and abroad in various private and public sector organizations. More specifically, our graduates will be eligible for jobs in computer centers of the large banks and multinational companies and, of course, in information technology (IT) companies. Some of our graduates will also have the opportunity of postgraduate study leading to MS and PhD in or outside of Turkey.